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    Imagine Extraordinary Things

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    We approach our projects with one overriding goal:

    to create something absolutely amazing.

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Our Public Portfolio


  • The Gifted

    On an earth laid waste by humanity’s violence, abuse and exploitation, a rawboned wolf hunts for food, eventually finding a gift that could bring color back to the...

  • DeadEye

    Left with nothing but a half-remembered hymn, the bounty hunter known only as “Deadeye” wanders in search of impossible vengeance before an uncanny set of criminals...

  • Tara Trilogy

    On Tara, a world where men ride beasts sheathed in scales, an old prophecy provokes a war between three kingdoms, leaving an unusual girl, a champion rider, and a...

  • StarDARTs

    Corporate Earth bounced them across the universe to invade and conquer, but when they wind up on the wrong side of an accountant’s balance sheet, they are left behind...

  • Sisterland

    With Hitler dead, WWII appears to be over, but when a mysterious fireball splits the night sky, crash-landing in the mountains of Japan, alien technology brings new...

  • Dixie Vixens

    When three smoking-hot college girls end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, they decide to take a stand, using everything in their repertoire to bring down the...

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Imagine Extraordinary Things


Meet The Team

Many of the fictional series that we are currently developing for print originated more than 25 years ago when our founder, Damian Andrew Wassel, would sit up until the wee hours and spin yarns for his children, nieces and nephews. More recently, over the last eight years, these stories and many others have been developed through the combined efforts of Nathan Gooden (lead artist), Adrian Wassel (lead writer), Damian Alexander Wassel (co-writer and project coordinator) and Damian Andrew Wassel (lead story teller), into the material we are presently preparing for publication.

  • damiansr

    Damian Wassel


    Damian’s title completely fails to capture his importance at CME. The team follows his creative lead in every endeavor. Most of our original stories have grown out of his ideas, and his vision of a company devoted to producing amazing creative content remains at the very core of what we do.

  • damianjr

    Damian Wassel, Jr.


    Our Editor-in-Chief, Damian, Jr., divides his time between logistics and administrative tasks, tackling writing for various projects, and doing the odd bit of graphic design work. (It also falls to him to do things like write amusing bios for our press kit.)

  • nathan

    Nathan Gooden

    Art Director

    Gifted with tremendous talent, and a truly awesome stylistic range, our Art Director, Nathan, brings CME’s stories to life through his stunning art. As the lead artist on many of our projects, Nathan strives continually to push the limits of his craft.

  • adrian

    Adrian Wassel

    Managing Editor

    When it comes time to refine a new idea into a finished treatment, script or screenplay, we entrust the project to our Managing Editor, Adrian. His exacting attention to detail makes him a fearsome but wonderfully effective editor.


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We work harder than most, we sleep less than most and we imagine and therefore we are; Creative Mind Energy. Along the way we have skied many large mountains, logged countless hours of video game play, drank a bottle or two of good whiskey and plundered the beaches of Hawai’i. Step into our lives and stay connected by tuning in to our blog.

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