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We are a creative consortium of artists, designers, inventors, story-tellers and writers who pool their educations, talents and creative abilities to bring outstanding new products to all media markets and industries.

Many of the fictional series that we are currently developing for print originated more than 25 years ago when our founder, Damian Andrew Wassel, would sit up until the wee hours and spin yarns for his children, nieces and nephews. More recently, over the last eight years, these stories and many others have been developed through the combined efforts of Nathan Gooden (lead artist), Adrian Wassel (lead writer), Damian Alexander Wassel (co-writer and project coordinator) and Damian Andrew Wassel (lead story teller), into the material we are presently preparing for publication.

Along the way we have skied many large mountains, logged countless hours of video game play, drank a bottle or two of good whiskey and plundered the beaches of Hawai’i.

At present we have more than 20 titles in various stages of development as well as several products in the final stages of patent issue. This past November we secured legal representation at the highest level in Hollywood and this past December we secured a 50-year venture capitol funding deal.

We work harder than most, we sleep less than most and we imagine and therefore we are; Creative Mind Energy

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To request more information, order copies of materials, or receive access to our online portfolio, please contact us directly.

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By telephone: (888) 419-5557

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Creative Mind Energy
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Bethesda, Maryland

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Like us on Facebook to be automatically entered in the drawing for a free all expenses paid trip to DC, a signed leather bound set of Professor Wallaby, and signed proof copies of Dead Eye and The Gifted.

You must be 18 years old or older and a resident of the continental USA (continuous lower 48 states) to win the prizes offered in this drawing, without restriction. This drawing is only open to residents of the United States and Canada—no exceptions.

If you are under the age of 18 and a resident of the USA, and you win this drawing, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you on this trip, and they must travel at their own expense. Please call us to discuss this because we will do everything we can to cover all expenses except for their airfare.

If you are a resident of Alaska or Hawai’i we will cover up to $600.00 (six hundred dollars) of your round trip airfare. All other expenses, as outlined and included, will be paid for by CME or its affiliates. If you win you must first contact us, within 30 days of notification of your award, to discuss the arrangements. You must book your own air travel and we will reimburse you for up to the first six hundred dollars of the expense related to the same.

If you are a resident of Canada we will pay the first $600.00 (six hundred dollars) of your round trip airfare. All other travel expenses and legal requirements of your travel to and from the USA are solely your responsibility. If you win you must first contact us, within 30 days of notification of your award, us to discuss the arrangements. You must book your own air travel and we will reimburse you for up to the first $600.00 (six hundred dollars) of the expense related to the same.

The prizes offered in this drawing are defined by and limited to the following—no exceptions:

  1. A signed, leather bound edition of the, “The Adventures of Professor Wallaby” book series, as displayed at APE.
  2. Round trip airfare for one (1) person from anywhere within the continental USA (continuous lower 48 states) to Washington DC; dates to be determined and agreed upon after the prizewinner has been interviewed by CME.
  3. Hotel accommodations for the contest winner only, in the Washington DC vicinity for three (3) nights; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hotel location will be determined after the prizewinner has been interviewed and an assessment of his or her interests has been determined so that the trip can be tailored to suit the same.
  4. Car travel to and from the airport and to all planned events, in a car driven by a CME representative. No rental car or other ground transportation is included.
  5. Meals—dinner on Friday; breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday and breakfast on Monday.
  6. You will arrive in the Washington DC area on the designated Friday afternoon and depart on the following Monday morning.
  7. There is no cash included in this prize. No cash is included for any other expenses or for any other reason or reasons. All other expenses, alcohol, entertainment, snacks, meals except as outlined, purchases of any kind, additional activities, etc. are solely the responsibility of the prize winner.
  8. Liability for the safety of the prizewinner, both while traveling to and from the Washington DC area and while participating in this event is the sole responsibility of the prize winner. By accepting this prize and agreeing to participate in this events you agree to the same and acknowledge that CME (Creative Mind Energy, LLC) holds no liability for your safety and furthermore you agree to hold CME (Creative Mind Energy, LLC), its employees, members and all affiliates harmless in the event of any accident or mishap.
  9. If you are selected as the winner and do not meet the qualifications or comply completely with the conditions, as outlined here in, your selection will be immediately voided and another winner will be chosen at random from the pool of participants.
  10. This prize has no cash value and therefore cannot be redeemed for the same. CME will award the prize as described and makes no other implications or assertions.
  11. This prize is non-transferrable.
  12. Without exception, CME (Creative Mind Energy, LLC) reserves the right to void this prize and select another winner, if upon interviewing the winner they decide, at their sole discretion, that they are at risk or in jeopardy, in any way, by awarding the prize to the initial winner.
  13. No Purchase is necessary to enter this drawing.
  14. Any person residing in the continuous lower 48 states of the USA, can enter this drawing one time, without any purchase requirements, by logging onto our website and e-mailing us your; a) full legal name, b) full legal address including zip code, c) valid e-mail address, d) valid phone number and d) valid drivers license or government issued ID number so that proof of age can be verified. Non-compliance with any portion of this free registration will invalidate and void the entry.